Summary in English

We could state responsibly that we have founded the biggest adventure park of the Baltic States in the peaceful oasis of Klaipeda – the largest park of the city.
If you want to breathe fresh air and to have fun spending your free time – visit us. We are sure to find entertainment for you, your family or a group of friends.
Who can have fun with us? The answer is – EVERYBODY.
Entertainment in the labyrinth of the closed net is designed for the youngest visitors of our park and there they will be able to have fun without any special equipment. Children will be able to jump on two types of trampoline. They will be able not only to jump in one of them but to climb as well. Children may drive electro mobiles in the park too.
Older children (from 3.5 to 6 years of age) may feel the spirit of adventure climbing trees along the track designed for them. There are three climbing tracks (white, orange, yellow).
Tracks for schoolchildren, students, adults are built higher starting with light green, then green and finally a pink one. Further tracks are higher and more difficult – blue, violet, red, flight and light blue ones. Brown and black tracks are designed for strength and stamina try-out as well as practicing climbing tactics. The distinguishing feature of these tracks is the possibility for the visitors to ride a bicycle on the top of the trees. Flights of different distances among trees make it possible to breathe fresh air and enjoy nearness of nature.
Every year we add new tracks, so in 2014 we erected a pizzeria-ice cream parlor track where you may contact by radio with a barista in the pizzeria and choose something delicious from the menu hanging on a tree and the employees from the pizzeria will deliver your choice to the platform. There you will be able to have a snack and enjoy the views.
In 2015 we have erected a new track as well and we invite you to be one of the first to try it. To keep the secret we will only say that a real retro car will wait for you on the top of the trees.
And what about a cinema in the open air where old good animation is demonstrated during the day and in the evening adults may enjoy time certified films.
All the visitors of the park are invited to try the flight of an elephant. It is a real gale of adrenaline when you fly down from the height of 16 meters.
In addition to this we invite you to try perfect paths of the park with rented roller- skates, on hot days children may enjoy pleasures of open air inflatable pools.
Parents can observe their children playing on the playground and enjoy a cup of coffee on the pizzeria terrace, after entertainment all the family can try milkshakes or have snacks offered by our chef. Students and tourists can use free internet.
We organize Children day camps for the second year. We have qualified educators and attendant staff therefore we are the leaders of this activity in Western Lithuania. Children find, develop and share their emotions there and it helps to cultivate their individuality.
We are situated almost in the centre of Klaipeda, near the shopping centre Studlendas.
Come and try. The freedom of flight will help you to escape the daily routine, and a celebration of a certain occasion there will leave impressions for a very long time.
©2016 Laipynių ir Nuotykių Parkas